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Advantages of Factoring

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Advantages of Factoring

Businesses which are experiencing rapid growth and need to purchase materials, pay vendors and cover operating expenses can benefit from factoring. Here are a few of the benefits to factoring:

  • You can obtain immediate cash for any business use without creating debt on your balance sheet.
  • No need to give up equity.
  • You can expand your business and take on more and/or larger accounts.
  • Your “credit line” grows with your business.
  • If you need to meet payroll consistently and without worry, factoring can relieve you of a lot of stress.
  • Even startup businesses with no financial track record can quickly generate cash.
  • Factoring can provide needed capital for businesses who experience seasonal or sporadic slowdowns.
  • If you need to make tax payments, factoring can provide the cash to make this possible.
  • Because of your improved cash flow, you may qualify for better terms and/or discounts for early payments with your suppliers.
  • Receive free credit analysis on your customers and make more informed financial decisions.
  • Pay no up front factoring fees or monthly payments.
  • Work with an in-house Account Executive. Factoring companies provide you with a high level of personal care and customer service. Let the experts do what they do best!
  • By having immediate cash, your company can take early payment discounts, pay bills, payroll and taxes, and use the funds in a variety of other ways to increase profit margins. It’s as if all your customers were on C.O.D. without the accompanying limitations.
  • Free monthly accounts receivable reporting.
  • Fund new marketing campaigns.
  • Approval and funding within 24 hours.

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